Affiliate Program Overview

Earn 20% of the program fee per sale by promoting The SUGAR FIX Project along with your current product and/or service offering!

You can request to join the The SUGAR FIX Project Affiliate Program and make money while providing a valuable service to your customers!

How does the The SUGAR FIX Project Affiliate Program Work?

It’s easy to get started! Fill out the simple application, and we will get in touch to discuss the structure for affiliates, arrange a training session and provide standardised and approved marketing material. Then as the need arises for one of your clients, simply send them to the registration page with your affiliate ID, they will be taken to the The SUGAR FIX Project website. If they register for our program or make a purchase, and become a customer (if there is a trial period or money back guarantee period, then from after the period), you will be paid a commission of 20% per new sale. It’s that simple!

​Great reasons to become a The SUGAR FIX Project affiliate:

Generous Commissions

Earn 20% for every successfully billed customer. Every time one of your referrals successfully registers for The SUGAR FIX Project, and subsequently becomes a customer after the trial period, you will earn a commission for that new customer.

Easy-to-sell product

The results of the program speaks for itself – Being related to your service and a natural step-by-step solution to a problem facing every individual consuming a Western style diet - make signing up for the service very attractive to your clients.

It’s easy and free to join

There is no cost to you to become an affiliate for the SFP. It is that simple.


We are here to help you. Our vision is to help 2 million people take back control of their health through the use of the SUGAR FIX Project in one way or another. We value the role our affiliates play in achieving this goal and thus it is a priority for the team to ensure our affiliates are clear, capable and motivated to assist their clients.