Just the facts

You might venture into the details but for now you simply want to know who is this guy who put together a global project with the vision of helping 2 million people? Secondly, in a nutshell, what is the Sugar Fix Project and is it all it is cracked up to be?

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Being a facts kind of person - how do you like these?...

And this is only in New Zealand! (Population 4.5 million)

Between 1960 and now, statistically we have all become 22kgs heavier....
The grey graph shows gym member participation numbers over this period, a solid steady increase in numbers.

The top graph shows childhood obesity for the same period - in the 6-11 years group alone there is a 325% increase.

Adults numbers are plotted on the 3rd graph. Once again a steady increase over the same period - it just doesn't add up!

  • 4600 from Heart disease
  • 2100 from stoke 
  • 1500 Died as a result of Alzheimer’s
  • 800 from diabetes.

I have highlighted these in green because these are preventable, lifestyle diseases.
It equates to 25 deaths as a result per day... one every hour!
Our children are the 1st generation that is likely to have a shorter life than us – by a whopping 10 years – why? Because of the food landscape we have created around them.