But you know HOW to quit sugar....right?

All the time people say that they know how to quit sugar. What is astounding is that in more cases than not, this sugar free period is short-lived - very often as long as it takes to drop to the desired dress size or in some cases until an emotional event comes along that throws us off track.... In yet other situations, it ends when the "detox" or "cleanse" ends. 

You currently have sugar in your diet, in foods you love, in foods you don't even know have it as well as in desserts, drinks and more  (Point A) and you want to get to a place where we reduce or eliminate it - eating sugar free yet taste meals, snacks and desserts. Where our families eat well and kids lunchboxes are serving their energy and education requirements well (Point B).  The HOW most people have is taking sugar out - abstaining from consumption - with no idea on how to keep it out and what to substitute meals with so it becomes purely a willpower game and often a time based challenge - 21 days without sugar (yes this is sounding familiar isn't it?)

The SUGAR FIX Project takes you from Point A to Point B in a fun and interesting step by step way.

Living sugar free is a long term outcome. It is about putting sugar back in its place as an occasional treat, rather than the everyday companion it has become. The Sugar Fix Project is not a "quick fix". It might be an 8-week project but it is focused on lasting change.

  • It is a program that takes the individual on a journey that educates them about the role sugar has in our foods - even the seemingly healthy ones. 
  • It offers education on how to conduct day to day activities such as grocery shopping, kids lunchboxes and recipe ideas for substituting current, potentially sugar laden meals.
  • The project guides you through the indescribably process of resetting your taste buds to truly appreciate the tastes of foods again.
  • It then provides tools and coaching to ensure the tweaks and changes you make are sustainable and painless within your specific home and lifestyle environment.

All these things are wrapped up in a step-by-step process formed out of the union of a model to quit addictive substances the other being a neuro-associative conditioning method to create lasting change. Add those two things together, overlay a coaching process and you have the SUGAR FIX Project.