Wholefood Nutritionist - Health coach - Human guinea pig - Blogger

That is the "title" I have on my email signature. A previous career in corporate banking and finance would never have entertained a real title such as this so it was too good an opportunity to pass by.

My interest in health and well-being goes back a solid 25 years. My participation in the industry as a Sports Nutritionist has been far less. For most of my life I have battled maintaining a reasonable weight so as to enjoy and perform at my selected sport at a representative level. It was always a case of exercising to maintain or lose weight (a useful reason would have been to improve performance)  - which more often than not was gained through emotional eating, in particular my "sweet tooth" that had a lot to answer for!

At a stage I was in training to compete (well participate - I'm too competitive to settle for participation) in my first half ironman triathlon, I soon realised that the amount of training I was getting through on a daily basis meant I could get away with eating an obscene amount of chocolate - well almost! I was knocking back family size slabs of chocolate (200g = 1089Cal) pretty much every night. Needless to say, even with the enormous calorie expenditure that came with hours of training, my health deteriorated and the weight was slowly creeping up.

My relationship with sugar grew more personal and at the same time, darker. I found excuses to head to the shop to get my fix. I would encourage coffee breaks at cafes to indulge in slices. I would sit at work waiting for the time to pass so that I could grab a treat on the way home. I hid all evidence of my affair with sugar, I was embarrassed and would be mortified if this secret was discovered. One Sunday evening, I was left staring at wrappers and packaging of chocolates, chocolate biscuits and cookies. I told myself that I would not dream of devouring that quantity of junk in the presence of anyone! A realisation - I stood there... ashamed... eyeballing the remnants of my addiction. 

I vowed then that enough was enough! I would find a way to end it... to break up with sugar! That night was to be the end of a one-sided destructive relationship, not only for me but as important, if not more so, the health of my son and those around me. 

​Conducting months of research...

...during which I had discovered disturbing facts about sugar hidden in our foods, not just "unhealthy" ones (or the usual suspects like chocolate, cakes or baked goods) but the choices that have been marketed as the healthy option. The whole thing was initially unbelievable and then sickening! I started to implement a number of tweaks and dietary changes and the results came. I experienced a physiological shift where the hold sugar once had on me had gone. I felt physically ill at the thought of what I had done to my body up to that point. Most importantly (and with some relief I might add) the change seemed almost effortless.

I don't tell the story for sympathy or ridicule, that was simply reality. The outstanding outcome from this experience is that I have been able to retrace my steps and document the process, I reviewed the phases I went through and I am now able to help so many people facing their version of this seemingly insurmountable hurdle!! 

These processes became the foundation on which the SUGAR FIX Project is created. Our vision is to fight and reverse metabolic and lifestyle diseases utilising this robust and proven method to assist 2 million people over the next 5 years to reduce their consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates.