Take your time to consider the following questions and the answer choices. Keep track of your score so that you can see what the situation looks like objectively - answer all the questions. 

How would you describe your daily energy levels, do you fine you crash in the afternoon?

  • Great! I generally fly through the day. +1
  • Okay, I tend to get to to the end of the working day then I am shattered at home and low energy for the family. +2
  • Not good, I feel tired most of the time. +3

Do you suffer from brain fog, headaches, or moodiness?

  • Hardly ever +1
  • Occasionally +2 
  • Frequently, if not daily +3

Do you often crave foods like pasta, breads, cereals, white rice or pastries?

  • No I hardly ever consume those +1
  • I eat at least one of those 3-4 times per week +2
  • I would eat 1 if not more servings of those foods every day. +3

When do you crave something sweet?

  • Occasionally, maybe once a week +1
  • Every afternoon or after dinner +2
  • Feels like all the time, doesn't matter - morning, noon or night! +3 

How would you describe your body?

  • I'm fit and in shape for my age +1
  • if I was honest, probably heavier than I should be +2
  • It's showing signs of wear and tear - sore joints, overweight and generally doesn't feel great +3

If there was an open packet of bite-size chocolates, how are you likely to react?

  • I'd probably put it way, it wouldn't phase me +1
  • I'd likely take one or two and leave the rest +2
  • It would be a matter of time before the packet was empty - Hopefully I wouldn't have to share +3

How often would you consume sugary foods such as cookies, ice cream, sweets or chocolate, pastries or other sweet treats?

  • Hardly ever, if at all +1
  • Well such a variety of things, possibly 2-4 times per week +2
  • I'd make sure I have at least one of those daily +3

How often would you consume a fizzy drink, fruit juice or sweet tea?

  • Never +1
  • Occasionally, maybe weekly +2
  • Almost daily +3

How often would you use artificial sweeteners?

  • Never +1
  • Occasionally, maybe weekly +2
  • Almost daily +3

Do you have a hard time stopping at a small serving, like 2 cookies instead of 4 to 10? 

  • No +1
  • Yes +3

Do you hide sugar from family or friends so they don’t know you are eating it? 

  • No +1
  • Yes +3

Does it feel like it’s never enough.... you eat it once and you want it over and over again? 

  • No +1
  • Yes +3

Do you feel ashamed or guilty when you indulge in sugar? 

  • No +1
  • Yes +3

Do you often tell yourself this is the “last time” I am doing this and tend to over eat because you “thought” it was the last time? 

  • No +1
  • Yes +3

How did you go? Time to tally up your score:


Congrats! You don't have anything to worry about. Your lifestyle doesn't rely on sugar to function and no doubt as a result your energy levels are fantastic and for the most part you are in great physical condition with a clear mind. 

There's no denying that sugar is playing a role in your life. It is quite possibly having an impact on you achieving other physical goals and making weight maintenance a bit of a challenge (it feels like something you need to be mindful of all the time). There is room for improvement and you would feel the benefits. The body and mind will thank you for looking at your currently sugar consumption and looking to knock that back a bit before the gets worse and ultimately results in potentially significant disease.

No easy way to put this - you are addicted to sugar! Fortunately sugar addiction can be helped. There are a number of programs out there that can assist with this. Please take action - whether you join us and become part of the global community that makes up the SUGAR FIX Project or you choose another vehicle. DO SOMETHING - sugar is a major contributor to the health challenges we are facing around the world - we are talking cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and in cases of cancer! This is reversible and YOU can do this, just ask for help. Good Luck!