Sugar Free Tips

Making the decision to life sugar free is one thing, knowing what to do once you've made that call is another. Living sugar free is like taking on anything new - no exception. When you went from a standard mobile phone to a Smart phone. When you wanted to learn ballroom dancing. The time you decided you wanted to write a novel. How about when you made the call to start going to the gym!?

Any changes me make leaves us feeling unequipped and appear daunting at first. Because our desire for that change is strong, we push through, we get help, we do research, we learn, grow and expand our knowledge. In some cases we rope our wife, husbands, partners or friends into doing it with us. Living sugar free is no different. Here are a few tips that will assist you to feel more equipped and in control - remember changes take time to implement as you learn and grow so you will identify further tweaks to make.

Just do it!
Fear is what stops us, we have a great ability to talk our way out of something without even opening our mouths. Make the call - choose a sugar free lifestyle. The "how" will follow.

Food Labels - your source of knowledge
If you don't know how to read food labels, this is a must. Educate yourself and read the label on EVERYTHING that makes it into your basket or trolley - everything because disappointingly the things you expect least of having added sugar, in many cases have it hidden.

Switch out idea
Find substitutes for your favourite meals - be that totally different dishes or even better sugar free versions of it - get creative and have fun with this stuff. Kids love adventures in the kitchen, especially when it ends up being a big mess!

Crush the craving
Sugar, like any addictive substance, leaves you feeling terrible - headaches, cravings, poor sleep and a mood swing party! In two weeks the physical signs disappear. By the end of the second week the emotional "hooks" diminish and by the third week, you are feeling like a new person with no need for sugar in your diet.

Marketing message ninja
Marketers are required to adhere to guidelines and only make truthful claims on any packaging. They are extremely good at focusing our attention on an aspect of the product, which in many cases take you away from the bigger picture - claims like "high in fibre"; "Fat free", "Excellent source of protein" are great but the back of the package with the nutritional information is going to tell you the truth in numbers of what else the product has. "High in fibre (and a whopping 38% sugar in the children cereal)" They tend to leave the brackets part for the fine print on the back!

Get a Beat Sugar Buddy
Whether it is taking on flower arrangement, stamp collecting (surely a dying art), Yoga or a sugar free lifestyle - these things are always more fun with a friend! Not only that, piles of research suggests that taking on changes with the help and support of a buddy, vastly increases the probability of success.

Get help get educated
You could do all of the above and more and it could take you a number of attempts to live sugar free, provided you have the persistence and determination to go it alone. Alternatively, you could use a proven model with mountains of support and resources to make your switch to sugar free far easier. Learn more about the SUGAR FIX Project and how it can work for you.