The SUGAR FIX Project Participant Spotlight

Rochelle - Current SFP Series Participant

Each Sugar Fix Project series, we’ll be featuring a new client interview in our Client Spotlight Series to get their valuable insight into the journey with sugar and the Sugar Fix Project. Enjoy!

Who in your household is doing / supporting you with the Sugar Fix Project?

My husband and daughter. 

What are the favourite parts of your day and the parts you find the most challenging when it comes to sugar?

I don't really have a favorite part of the day but the most challenging part would be from when I get my daughter from school till I go to bed. 

From your perspective now, what are your biggest challenges as a project participant? What “keeps you up at night?”

Being a bit more conscious of what I am putting into my mouth. 

What are things that partnering with the Sugar Fix Project does that make your day easier? Harder?

Having strategies in place to overcome hurdles that might pop up during the day e.g. having lunch ready just in case I get called into work at the last minute. Also being organized. 

What do you think are the biggest hurdles people face when trying to live a healthy lifestyle?

Trying to find the balance between everything we do.

What advice would you give to someone who knows they need to do something about their health and in particular sugar, but they are simply paralysed by the fear of failing?

Go and talk to a nutritionist and get some advice as the right way to go about it. Seek support from family and friends and just remember small steps everything does take time.