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Sugar – My Heroin (Part 5)

By: Quinton de BruinNo doubt you have been sitting on Facebook, clicking refresh again and again as you eagerly await the arrival of the next article in this series... possibly not…. Anyway, the beauty about a series or a process is that it is simply about moving from one step to the next in a specific order to achieve an outcome. The reason for the almost 2 weeks between articles is that there was a lot of video content to get through from the last article. I’m picking now is a good ti...

April 29, 2018

Sugar – My Heroin (Part 4)

By: Quinton de BruinIf you have recently read part three of this series on sugar, you may well be feeling somewhat uncomfortable. If you haven’t read it, please read that before you crack into this one. As with any process, in order for it to deliver the outcome that you are looking for, you need to start at the beginning and follow the method step by step. Try harvesting a crop without previously sowing the seeds!The facts shared about the amount of sugar in a couple of fruits in relation to ...

April 29, 2018

Sugar – My Heroin (Part 3)

By: Quinton de BruinLife over the past 30 years has become increasingly busy. Roles in the home have changed, jobs have changed, and technology has changed. It is more common to have two working parents than it is to have only one. The extreme advances in mobile technology has meant that the work we didn’t finish today and would have pick up tomorrow, now get’s done tonight. We commute further, work longer hours, spend more time in front of the TV - want to spend more time with kids and as a...

April 29, 2018

Sugar – My Heroin (Part 2)

By: Quinton de BruinWhen it comes to making any changes, improvements or tweaks in our lives, we NEVER act before making the decision to do so. Think about it, try closing this App without deciding to move your thumb or the mouse! Correct, impossible. So, be that a conscious or subconscious decision, it’s a decision all the same. Now deciding to close an App and a decision to stop injecting or snorting heroin are two quite different things, are they not? As we touched on last time, when sugar ...

April 29, 2018

Sugar - My Heroin Part 1

By: Quinton de Bruin As I write this, I look out the window at what must be one of the warmest summers New Zealand has had in a long time… and there is still some summer to come! I wonder how many parents in weather such as this have, as I have, used a kid’s trip to the dairy for an ice-cream as an excuse to get their hands on one…or a chocolate bar! Oh I know I’m not alone. Over the course of the summer, I have come across so many articles, documentaries, podcasts and books ex...

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